"TOTAL SPICE RACK Combo Pack" - Get ALL 10 of our SPICES!

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Get Mystikka Masala's TOTAL SPICE RACK COMBO PACK and get ALL TEN of her famous spices & spice blends!

COMBO includes:  One (1) TIKKA MASALA BLEND (4oz), One (1) TANDOORI BLEND (4oz), One (1) INDIAN CHILI POWDER (4oz), One (1) GROUND TURMERIC (4oz), One (1) WHOLE CUMIN SEEDS (4oz), One (1) GROUND CUMIN (4oz), One (1) GARAM MASALA (4oz), One (1) GROUND CORIANDER (4oz), One (1) CURRY POWDER (4oz), AND One (1) GROUND PAPRIKA (4oz)

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* NOTE: This product may contain traces of nuts, as it has been packed in a facility that uses nuts as ingredients. *